Régua Guilhotina fardo c/10 unidades – Várias Medidas


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Régua Guilhotina c/10 unidades – Várias Medidas

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0820×10,4×8, 0820x10x4, 0820x10x4,5, 0820x13x13, 0820×14,5×8, 0820x14x14, 0820x14x7, 0820x14x8, 0820x15x5, 0820x15x7, 0820x15x8, 0820x16x6, 0820x16x8, 0820x17x5, 0820x17x8, 0820x18x5, 0820x18x6, 0820x18x8, 0820x19x5, 0820x19x8, 0820x20x20, 0820x20x4, 0820x20x5, 0820x20x6, 0820x20x8, 0820x21x5, 0820x22x5, 0820x22x8, 0820x25x5, 0820x9x8, 0830x20x5, 1000x20x20, 1200x10x4, 1200x10x4,5, 1200x10x5, 1200×14,5×4, 1200x14x14, 1200x15x8, 1200x17x8, 1200x19x8, 1500x25x5


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